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Wednesday 16 June 2021

Nigerians Mock Adamu Garba After Instagram Deleted His Account

Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba

Controversial Nigerian politician, Adamu Garba has become an object of mockery on social media after his account was suspended on Instagram.

This is coming at a time Google also removed his app from the PlayStore.

Recall that he had been supporting the government for banning Twitter in Nigeria.

Although he later explained that he was the one that asked Google Play to do so because it contained some technical flaws.

On Wednesday, Garba took to Facebook to announce that his Instagram account has been deleted by Facebook Inc, the owners of the platform.

He lamented that he was suspended because of his contrary opinion.

Recall that since supporting Twitter ban, Adamu has been urging people to join his app.

But Nigerians in their numbers instead decided to write horrible reviews against the app.

His post on social media has generated tonnes of reactions, both on Facebook and Twitter, with many commenters divided.

While some were unsympathetic to him, some others believe it would make him and Crowwe stronger.

Here are some reactions compiled by PM News:

Daniel Oluwaleke Akindele:

You got a just dessert. You were on cloud nine when the vindictive government banned Twitter. You kept doubling down.

You need to learn emotional intelligence. You won’t be the first or the last person to be a supporter of Buhari. However, the way you go about your brand of support for the government shows that you are a clout chaser and attention-seeker hellbent on pulling others to gain prominence.

Abdulrazaq Obi Momoh

They may think they are mighty but they are making you more stronger.. this is to show the world you are going places.

Allah is sufficient for us.

Nigerians must wake up and support their own, we can’t be our own enemies.

#CROWWE must work for all!

United we move 💪 💪💪

Jemialu Tobi Joshua

The DOTians are showing you what they are up to.

I told you yesterday that, the ‘majority’ lacks technical know-how. But you see the DOTians, they’re the majority as far as tech is concerned. They’re showing you their might already.

Apologize or smell more coffee. The ball is yours, roll it as it pleases you.

Adeyelu Olabanji

In our land they say ‘ if you chase two rats you will eventually loose the two ‘ . Choose a path politics or business look at Dangote Otedola and the likes , they have their political view but they choose to be silent for the sake of their businesses. You’re a good man choose one you may be prosperous . Selah . Jah bless.

Benjamin Mogbo Ojo

Separate your business from politics/religion. This clueless and fraudulent administration have painted the fulanis in bad light. Every fulani should condemn the activities of the herdsmen and insurgents to win back the trust and support of other Nigerians.

Gwamnatin Taraiya Dizo

No single comment here is favoring u, I’m sure this will serve as deterrent to others. U don’t rubbished somebody app and expect ur own to flourish, law of carma.

I was actually thinking a brilliant guy like u could try stitch this country together, alas u are even worst than our current leaders.

Obianuju Azubuike

They have taken it down too??? I thought you said you took down the Crowwe app from playstore yourself. Which one con be ‘too’??

Dewunmi Lagos

You can never, I repeat, never rise up by bringing down others. I’m sorry, they’ll soon take this one down too.

You need to know what these people are feeling.

Even when you get contracts from the government and you know majority of the people does not support the government, you remain silent.

Silence can only be misinterpreted when you give a clue to your opinion. You’ll learn the hard way to keep quiet.

Mazị Chizoba

apologize to the people and change. my father use to say only strong people apologize when they are wrong. I can now see its not everyone who have that mental strength to admit their failure.

In your crave for power, you lost your sense of humanity. Adamu Garba II Adam. Now you have still have facebook make good use of it and apologize.

Ibrahim Dalha Gidan Dukawa

Good for you, you should persuade buhari to ban google and Instagram so that you can come with CowWorld as alternative searching engine in our country,

Up cowBrain

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