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Saturday 12 June 2021

Training corps members for war is great idea, I’ll join even at 38 – Seun Kuti

Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti, has lauded the government for the initiative to train the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members to go to war with the bandits.

Seun was engaged in a chat with HipTV where he applauded the government for making plans to sent the NYSC members to fight as he explained that it makes a lot of sense to him.

In his words: “That actually makes NYSC make sense to me. Since I’ve been hearing about the NYSC, it never made sense to me. That’s why I never strived to serve. We should all be willing to fight for our nation,”

“I think the Nigerian government cannot really take that step. Training young people for combat and giving them arms, I don’t think it will be quite safe for the government. Imagine a policeman trying to slap a combat-trained young man on the street. I don’t think they’ve thought it through. I welcome this idea. Train us. I’m 38 but I will join.”

He also shared his thoughts on the impasse of the federal government to ban Twitter as he said that the ban on Twitter a sign of weakness.

He said “It’s a complex situation. I’ve seen worse things on Twitter than what Buhari posted in terms of bullying and violent threats. Imagine what Trump was said as president. It was after he left they took down his Twitter page,”

“That being said, Twitter is a US company. For a foreign firm to take down the tweet of a sovereign state, it quite stretching from the point of view of our citizenship as Nigerians, regardless of our relationship with our president.Advertisement

“It is a slap on the face of the nation that Twitter took down the post of our president. The president’s response also is absolutely wrong, using his arbitrary power to take down Twitter when Nigerians don’t have their own option.

“And banning social media platforms doesn’t make sure. It doesn’t even work in China. Where they say Nigeria has gone to ask for help to block VPNs. You cannot block people from getting on any social media platform in this age.”

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