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Thursday 28 July 2022

Buhari would’ve released Nnamdi Kanu long ago but for activities of cabals ― Mbazulike Amechi

Buhari would’ve released Nnamdi Kanu long ago but for activities of cabals ― Mbazulike Amechi

Elder statesman and First Republic Aviation Minister Chief Mbazulike Amechi Wednesday said that left for President Mohammadu Buhari, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, would have since been released and the pro-Biafra group’s disagreement with his government, would have since been given political resolution.

Chief Amechi, however, alleged that a cabal made up of non-Igbos and some Igbo politicians and a particular Governor, who are feeding fat from the disagreement and insecurity crisis in the South don’t want the matter to be resolved and have allegedly blocked all the correspondence he made to the President for a way forward.

Chief Amechi who also stated that he is very sure that President Buhari, whom he said has a lot of respect for him and personally showed it when he and some Igbo leaders met him in Abuja for political resolution of Mazi Kanu’s matter, insisted that some unseen and seen hands have been feeding the President with against Mazi Kanu, and the agreement the Igbo leaders reached about the matter adding that a particular South East Governor personally him (Chief Amechi) that is among the people against the release of Mazi Kanu, adding that, it was then he made up his mind to exonerate President Buhari, for the continued detention of Kanu.

Speaking during a chat with newsmen Chief Amechi said that the security crisis in South East started with the arrest and rendition of Mazi Kanu and will stop with his release, urging President Mohammadu Buhari to ignore the advice of some enemies of Ndigbo and some disgruntled Igbo politicians feeding him with lies against the IPOB leader and Igbo elders who initiated the peace meeting with him.

According to Chief Amechi, “On the 18th of November 2021, at the age of 93, I travelled all the way to Abuja with some other Igbo leaders and Bishop relation of Nnamdi Kanu to plead with my President to please release Nnamdi Kanu to me and dialogue to find a solution to the problem commenced.

“The President carefully listened to me, put aside a reply which they had written for him and spoke his mind to me. He assured me and I verily believed him that he would look into the matter, for my sake. The Presidency arranged for me to visit Nnamdi Kanu in detention and get some assurances from him. This I did in company of Nnamdi’s relation Bishop Onuoha and his lawyer.

” We reached agreement with Nnamdi Kanu which could have gladdened the hearts of the government and Nsigbo and on the 6th of December 2021 I forwarded a copy to the President by DHL Mail with proof of delivery. That was the last the Presidency communicated with me but I doubt if they allowed the President to see a copy of the mail I forwarded to him, I seriously doubt if they allowed him to see it.

“Sometime last year the Chairman of South-East Governors Forum, telephoned me and told me that he visited the President and asked him about my case and the President told him that the ball was at my feet (Mbazuliki Amechi’s feet). The Governor told me he had arranged a meeting with himself, the Attorney-General of the Federation, myself and Nnamdi’s lawyer. At my age I took the trouble and pains to travel to Abuja, he Governor was a day late and after drifting me and the lawyer, told us that the Attorney-General had travelled and requested me to wait till next week. In had to return home after wasting three days with my personal aides in a hotel.

” As for the insecurity in South East, the solution is simple if only the authorities and those who benefit from the situation will listen. You do not catch a fly with vinegar, you catch a fly with honey or something good and edible. You can never win peace with the gun, you gain peace by dialogue, understanding, give and take.

“The insecurity or crisis in the South-East today cannot be more than the crisis in the Delta area in some years past, but former President Yar’Adua arranged a round table conference, after the guns and gun boat had failed and today everybody is happy and the area continues to lay our golden egg.

“I call upon my younger brother, President Mohammadu Buhari, GCFR, to recall how I met him, Aliyu Gusau and Ango Abdullahi, at Kaduna with other religious leaders and traditional rulers from Igbo land and the North on June 20, 2006, following the crisis generated by Rushdie publication that led to killings of Igbo’s in the North and retaliatory killings in the South East, and we signed a memorable peace agreement that has ensured peace between the North and the East, and initiate a forum for dialogue and release of Nnamdi Kanu.

“I assure Mr. President that within four to seven days of the release of Nnamdi Kanu, and he come to quarantine with me for counsel, admonition reorientation and father-son chat, all guns will go silent in the South East except guns at festivals and funerals.

“As I lie down in my bed, meditating and navigating the quiet sea of 94 years, tears roll down my cheek that my President, a man who has so much regard and respect for me will be diverted not to trust me and grant me the one single request which I made in my capacity as about the only surviving co-founder of this great Federation. Yes, the country for which in gave my youth, liberty and blood.”

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