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Wednesday 13 July 2022

Dangote Moves Up In Bloomberg's 2022 Ranking Of 100 Billionaires In The World (Full List)

Dangote Moves Up In Bloomberg's 2022 Ranking Of 100 Billionaires In The World (Full List)

Dangote, who moved up 37 places on the recent Bloomberg billionaire list, is worth $20.2 billion as of Monday, July 13, 2022.

The Chief Executive of Tesla, Elon Musk maintained his grip on the top as he's ranked as the richest billionaire in the world in Bloomberg's billionaire list released on Wednesday.


However, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote has moved up 37 places to become the 63rd richest billionaire in the world.


He is now worth $20.2 billion as of Monday, July 13, 2022.


The Bloomberg Billionaires Index is a daily ranking of the world’s richest people.


“Details about the calculations are provided in the net worth analysis on each billionaire’s profile page. The figures are updated at the close of every trading day in New York,” Bloomberg said.


Top 100 billionaires list, their net worth, country and industry, according to Bloomberg


1 Elon Musk $214B -$789M -$56.1B United States Technology


2 Jeff Bezos $133B -$2.58B -$59.7B United States Technology


3 Bernard Arnault $128B +$1.72B -$49.6B France Consumer


4 Bill Gates $114B -$1.76B -$24.4B United States Technology


5 Gautam Adani $110B +$2.09B +$34.0B India Industrial


6 Larry Page $103B -$1.30B -$24.9B United States Technology


7 Sergey Brin $99.2B -$1.21B -$24.3B United States Technology


8 Warren Buffett $96.5B -$297M -$12.4B United States Diversified


9 Steve Ballmer $90.0B -$3.47B -$15.7B United States Technology


10 Larry Ellison $87.1B -$1.08B -$20.1B United States Technology


11 Mukesh Ambani $86.1B -$206M -$3.85B India Energy


12 Carlos Slim $73.7B +$256M -$72.1M Mexico Diversified


13 Zhong Shanshan $70.4B -$922M -$9.39B China Diversified


14 Charles Koch $68.2B +$21.2M +$6.96B United States Industrial


15 Julia Flesher Koch & family $68.2B +$21.2M +$6.96B United States Industrial


16 Francoise Bettencourt Meyers $68.1B +$1.67B -$25.6B France Consumer


17 Mark Zuckerberg $60.7B +$134M -$64.8B United States Technology


18 Jim Walton $58.7B -$150M -$5.86B United States Retail


19 Rob Walton $58.2B -$98.5M -$5.82B United States Retail


20 Alice Walton $56.6B -$99.9M -$6.02B United States Retail


21 Jacqueline Badger Mars $49.8B +$122M -$1.35B United States Food & Beverage


22 John Mars $49.8B +$122M -$1.35B United States Food & Beverage


23 Amancio Ortega $49.2B +$1.30B -$18.4B Spain Retail


24 Michael Dell $47.8B -$55.5M -$7.20B United States Technology


25 Alain Wertheimer $44.7B +$410M +$11.8B France Consumer


26 Gerard Wertheimer $44.7B +$410M +$11.8B France Consumer


27 Zhang Yiming $44.5B $0 $0 China Technology


28 Zeng Yuqun $42.9B -$1.29B -$10.2B Hong Kong Industrial


29 Phil Knight & family $39.7B -$468M -$22.6B United States Consumer


30 Giovanni Ferrero & family $39.5B +$26.3M +$3.61B Italy Food & Beverage


31 Jack Ma $37.2B -$63.9M -$1.23B China Technology


32 Ma Huateng $36.9B -$434M -$10.0B China Technology


33 Klaus-Michael Kuehne $36.2B -$158M -$5.53B Germany Industrial


34 Francois Pinault $35.6B +$361M -$17.2B France Consumer


35 Len Blavatnik $32.9B +$74.9M -$8.75B United States Diversified


36 Vladimir Potanin $31.4B -$240M +$585M Russian Federation Commodities


37 Stephen Schwarzman $30.8B -$306M -$7.10B United States Finance


38 Li Ka-shing $30.6B -$196M +$1.28B Hong Kong Real Estate


39 Ken Griffin $28.9B +$42.4M +$7.58B United States Finance


40 William Ding $28.1B -$63.8M -$4.54B China Technology


41 MacKenzie Scott $26.3B -$750M -$30.0B United States Technology


42 Leonard Lauder $26.3B -$104M -$11.3B United States Consumer


43 Tadashi Yanai $26.1B -$69.2M -$3.52B Japan Retail


44 He Xiangjian $25.8B +$334M -$5.65B China Consumer


45 Azim Premji $25.4B -$137M -$15.9B India Technology


46 Miriam Adelson $25.2B +$425M -$1.35B United States Entertainment


47 Leonid Mikhelson $25.0B -$249M -$7.42B Russian Federation Energy


48 James Simons $25.0B -$50.0M -$525M United States Finance


49 Wang Chuan-Fu $24.5B -$1.20B +$1.92B China Consumer


50 Dieter Schwarz $24.1B -$9.59M -$4.84B Germany Retail


51 Qin Yinglin $24.0B -$634M +$3.33B China Food & Beverage


52 German Larrea $23.9B -$425M -$1.75B Mexico Commodities


53 Henry Cheng $23.4B +$57.7k +$485M Hong Kong Retail


54 Shiv Nadar $22.9B -$341M -$9.63B India Technology


55 Carl Icahn $22.8B +$14.5M +$584M United States Diversified


56 Elaine Marshall $22.7B +$7.37M +$1.64B United States Industrial


57 Vladimir Lisin $22.6B -$265M -$5.42B Russian Federation Industrial


58 Eric Schmidt $22.5B -$270M -$5.16B United States Technology


59 Lee Shau Kee $21.0B -$2.55M -$1.99B Hong Kong Real Estate


60 Alexey Mordashov $20.8B -$264M -$8.00B Russian Federation Industrial


61 Takemitsu Takizaki $20.8B -$490M -$14.4B Japan Technology


62 Jorge Paulo Lemann $20.3B +$346M -$1.18B Brazil Food & Beverage


63 Aliko Dangote $20.2B -$837k +$1.15B Nigeria Industrial


64 Lukas Walton $20.1B -$45.3M -$2.08B United States Retail


65 Li Shu Fu $20.0B +$28.7M -$5.68B China Industrial


66 Huang Shilin $20.0B -$595M -$2.71B China Industrial


67 Donald Bren $19.9B $0 +$2.22B United States Real Estate


68 Colin Huang $19.8B +$532M -$737M China Technology


69 Dan Gilbert $19.8B +$226M -$6.77B United States Real Estate


70 Alisher Usmanov $19.5B -$39.5M -$1.73B Russian Federation Diversified


71 Susanne Klatten $19.5B +$113M -$3.73B Germany Industrial


72 Radhakishan Damani $19.5B -$545M -$5.12B India Retail


73 Guillaume Pousaz $19.4B $0 +$11.7B Switzerland Technology


74 Harold Hamm $19.3B -$538M +$5.57B United States Energy


75 Peter Woo $19.1B -$95.4M +$149M Hong Kong Real Estate


76 Changpeng Zhao $19.0B +$231M -$76.8B Canada Finance


77 Pang Kang $18.8B -$25.6M -$3.52B China Food & Beverage


78 Ernesto Bertarelli & family $18.6B -$50.0M -$2.60B Switzerland Diversified


79 Gina Rinehart $18.1B +$50.6M -$750M Australia Commodities


80 Abigail Johnson $18.0B +$39.7M -$7.94B United States Finance


81 Iris Fontbona & family $17.9B -$126M -$2.43B Chile Commodities


82 Andrew Forrest $17.4B +$101M -$2.88B Australia Commodities


83 Vagit Alekperov $17.4B -$255M -$4.36B Russian Federation Energy


84 Gianluigi Aponte $17.3B +$140M +$6.94B Switzerland Services


85 Thomas Peterffy $17.2B +$14.6M -$7.58B United States Finance


86 Budi Hartono $17.0B +$144M -$1.26B Indonesia Diversified


87 Dietrich Mateschitz $16.9B -$42.8M +$685M Austria Food & Beverage


88 Li Xiting $16.8B -$405M -$4.61B Singapore Health Care


89 John Menard $16.8B -$17.3M -$8.83B United States Retail


90 Robert Kuok $16.7B -$66.7M -$1.54B Malaysia Diversified


91 Stefan Quandt $16.4B +$86.5M -$4.72B Germany Industrial


92 Alwaleed Bin Talal $16.4B +$42.2M -$452M Saudi Arabia Diversified


93 Thomas Frist $16.3B +$24.9M -$6.81B United States Health Care


94 Eyal Ofer $16.3B +$30.6M -$181M Israel Services


95 Lv Xiang-yang $16.2B -$767M +$2.18B China Consumer


96 Vicky Safra $16.2B $0 +$25.0M Greece Finance


97 Ray Dalio $16.1B $0 +$510M United States Finance


98 David Tepper $16.0B $0 +$1.09B United States Finance


99 Michael Hartono $16.0B +$138M -$1.21B Indonesia Diversified


100 Lakshmi Mittal $15.5B +$160M -$4.98B India Commodities

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