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Friday 27 January 2023

New Naira Notes: Only Politicians Who Want To Buy Votes Are Against CBN Policy

New Naira Notes: Only Politicians Who Want To Buy Votes Are Against CBN Policy

The Presidential candidate of the Zenith Labour Party, ZLP, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu has asked the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN,  Godwin Emefiele to resist the pressure from some quarters to extend the date for the circulation of old naira notes.

Chief Nwanyanwu also said that from all indications, only politicians who want to buy votes in the coming election are against the CBN policy.

The LP presidential candidate in a statement in Abuja said, “I want to say that the decision taken by the central bank of Nigeria and with the approval by president Buhari is the best for this nation. It is a patriotic decision taken by CBN as it relates to the new bank note and the time stipulated for the removal of the old note. And I have my reason for speaking this way. 

We have been in this country and people given the responsibility to serve, go there to help themselves. They steal the money and put it into personal use.They don’t use it to even develop their environment.

“They stack the money at home, in septic tanks, in the farm, and some of these funds have been there for more than ten, fifteen years, idling away. So why do you steal what you do not need?

“So the CBN had to put on their thinking cap and Emefiele said, look we have been having problems with vote buying. Those categories of naira notes, if not returned before the date stipulated by CBN would become toilet paper. That is, will be of no use. Now people are afraid to take these notes to the banks for fear of being identified.

“Billions and millions of naira notes are still in the homes of some people. It is either they take the courage to bring it to the banks or by the end of next week, they become toilet paper.

“And I want to use this opportunity to call on Godwin Emefiele, governor of central bank, not to succumb or listen to anybody from anywhere suggesting that there should be an extension for the return of the old note back to the bank. 

His name will be written in gold if he gets this thing done. And on the part of the President, his mantra failed Nigerians and he has come up to tell Nigerians that he will ensure free and fair election. This is one way to ensure free and fair elections by making we politicians not to have access to money to buy votes. So whether they are National Assembly members or anybody whatsoever, who is opposed to this is very unpatriotic.

Speaking on the scarcity of the new naira notes in the banks, Chief Nwanyanwu said, “I am not working in CBN but I know that before they started they must have got their logistics right. They will not carry trillions and throw into the market, it has to be slowly. 

Must you carry cash in all your transaction? Go and do transfer?

“That is why in my administration as president and commander in chief, we will abolish paper note. 100, 200, 500, 1000 naira notes, I will turn them to coins, so that because of the weight, people will not like to carry it. It will strengthen the naira and it will bring down corruption. 

This is a special way to tackle special circumstances. Let us not cry, we have been enduring for seven and half years. This money will get back into circulation, immediately after election, and I suspect CBN will release a little, so that Nigeria will have some money in their hands. 

Those crying are crying because they want money to go and buy votes.

“Emefiele, don’t succumb, you have the support of most Nigerians, over 95 percent of Nigerians are behind you in this regard.”

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