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Friday 10 February 2023

[A MUST HAVE] Behold One Book Comprehensively Detailing The Legal History Of Nigeria

[A MUST HAVE] Behold One Book Comprehensively Detailing The Legal History Of Nigeria

The Legal History of Nigeria is a 1010-page meticulously researched and well-written work which analyses and discussed some of the vast fundamental and historical legal issues in the development of Nigeria.

The book written by Muhammad T Ladan and Adebambo Adewopo is divided into parts, each devoted to defined thematic areas of law. This is to enable readers identify and take on specific areas of interest.

According to the author Professor Muhammed Tawfiq Ladan PhD who is also the Director General, Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, the Book on the NIALS Legal History of Nigeria was conceived after it became evident that a detailed chronological history of Nigeria was difficult to narrate in view of the antecedents of her people. Legal history is interested in how law and legal institutions operate and how they have changed over time in reaction to the dynamics of economic, social and political conditions in the country.

The book therefore is the result of a meticulous work and research by selected intellectuals who are both in academics and practice of law and the topics discussed have been carefully selected to aggregate views on different aspect of Nigerian development.

The first part of the book x-rays the development of Nigeria from pre-colonial to colonial era touching on historical legal system of the customs and beliefs of the people and introduction of English law in Nigeria. 

The second part traces the constitutional development of Nigeria, highlighting the different challenges and innovations while the third part chronicles the legal order during military rule and the impact it had and still has on the Nigerian Society. It also exposes the aberrations and brazen administrative ineptitude that characterized the military rule.

Part Four renders accounts of the roles played by the legislature during colonial and post-independent Nigeria showcasing the myth and artificiality of the separation of power theory. Part Five appraises the history of indirect rule system in Nigeria and the roles played by the Executive during the colonial era and juxtaposes between presidential and parliamentary systems of governance; and Part Six focuses on the indispensable role of the evolution and development of the Nigerian courts in the development of law in Nigeria. 

Part Seven brings into perspective the Nigerian legal profession in relation to its growth, development, challenges and prospects discussing the apparent reality the country faced at the approach of independence as a result of dearth of legal practitioners in the country and with regard to the growing demand for improvement in legal education.

Part Eight finally discusses the foundation of the Nigerian Legal System, judicial precedents, an assessment of legal pluralism and internal conflict of laws in Nigeria.

On the whole, I am of the firm conviction that this collection is a must-read for scholars, legal practitioners, judges, policy makers and indeed, all Nigerians. Having perused the content of this work, I recommend it unreservedly to all lovers of knowledge in Nigeria and beyond.

The book is sold for N30, 000 per Copy as is Printed by NIALS Printing Press Supreme Court complex, Three Arms Zone, Central Business District, Abuja.

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