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Thursday 12 November 2015

I can be second wife –Chidiebere

I can be second wife –Chidiebere

Ever since they made their Nollywood debut in 2007 in Broken Ambition, the identical twins, Chidimma and Chidiebere Aneke aka Aneke Twins, have continued to grow from strength to strength.

Like all twins, the Anekes are inseparable. Whenever you see one, you also see the other. But now, it seems marriage will eventu­ally separate them, as they disagree on their choice of man.

In this chat with Entertain­er during the 12th edition of Abuja International Film festival (AIFF), held recently at the Federal Capital Terri­tory, the twins who premiered their latest movie, Back To The Basics, at the event, opened up on career, polygamy, and les­sons their late dad taught them. Excerpts:

You girls have come a long way, has it always been your dream to be actresses?

Chidiebere: Actually yes. We started acting in church when we were kids.

Do you still miss your late dad?

Chidiebere: Yes, but we don’t want to talk about it. It’s still very painful for us. We don’t want to start crying all over again.

What kind of dad was he?

Chidimma: My father was okay and we had everything we wanted. Dad pampered us. However, if you did something wrong, he flogged you and then pampered you, telling you where you went wrong.

Chidiebere: Dad was cool. We had fun growing up. He dressed us in same clothes and shoes; we always wore the same uniform (laughter).

What was the greatest advice he gave you?

Chidiebere: We should be prayerful and work hard. We shouldn’t believe in human beings because they will definitely fail.

Chidimma: Dad taught us how to farm. He told us to always remember that you can’t stop working until your job is done. He was a philanthropist and loved helping people a lot; he did things for widows and the physically challenged.

What was it like growing up in a po­lygamous home?

Chidimma: It was fun. We all ate from one plate; there were no barriers.

Since you have this blissful recollec­tion of growing up in a polygamous home, could you be second wife?

Chidiebere: The difference between then and now is that our father and mothers understood each other and knew what they wanted. But I can’t share my husband with another woman.

Chidinma: How they measured wealth those days was in how many children and wives one had. I don’t have a problem with polygamy but will my fellow wives be able to live the way my father and his wives lived? I believe it is still possible to live that way even now.

What’s been your most challenging movie to date?

Chidimma: It’s Back To The Basics. We had to transform into 15-years-old secondary school girls.

Chidiebere: It was Onochie where I played a man. But Back To The Basics was quite challenging too.

Do you ever quarrel?

Chidimma: Haa! We just finished quar­relling now and went our separate ways. I was so angry with her today. It was Fidelis Duker that settled our quarrel.

Chidiebere: I asked a simple question and she just chose to say something that would get me angry and we quarreled. Petty issues make us quarrel but she likes arguing a lot.

Pretty girls you are. Tell us the pranks you played with boys?

Chidimma: Those are normal twin things. Even in the movie industry we have done that and when we do, we switch phones (laughter).

Tell us about your love lives?

Chidiebere: My love life is so lovely

Chidimma: Same for me too. As you can see, am I not happy?

What is the secret to your success?

Chidiebere: God. Always acknowledge God in all you do. When you appreciate God he uplifts you. And paying your tithes and helping the less privileged helps. You can sow seed in a widow. You can also sow seed in your pastor, we call it prophetic offering.

Chidimma: And don’t be a church-goer. When you work in his vineyard, he will work for you.

What’s your advice for young girls?

Chidimma: Be prayerful and humble in all you do, and believe in yourself.

Also, be tolerant.

Chidiebere: Pray before you do any­thing.

What’s your experience with sex-for-role?

Chidiebere: I have not had any but it depends on where you are when it hap­pened.

Chidimma: The only thing I can say is that some girls want to be like Genevieve overnight. You know for everybody who has made it there is a story. When you go through the back door, sex-for-role hap­pens to you.

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