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Thursday 12 November 2015

Through Busy Streets In Odd Experiment

Through Busy Streets In Odd Experiment

Through Busy Streets In Odd Experiment





A woman wearing only faux-jeans painted on to her skin and a t-shirt was walking around the busy streets of Hong Kong and no one managed to notice it.

In an unusual experiment of professional  body-paint artist Sandra Bakker, a blonde model got naked from the waist down and had her bare legs painted as if she was wearing a pair of denim skinny jeans with pockets.

Then the young woman went outside to test people’s reactions, where she crossed busy roads, shopped in crowded  malls, rode escalators and even stepped on to a packed train.

The jeans looked so realistic that none of the passers-by seemed to notice the girl walking without her pants right in front of them.

However, at least one of the observent men saw that someting was not right with the model’s behind and took picture of her derriere on his mobile phone.

And only after the slogan became visble people stoped to take a closer look at the model’s ‘jeans’, some of them asked for a photo with the half-naked model.

Several months there was also a story about a female photographer who has spent years posing for nude portraits in and around New York City, USA, to encourage other people to embrace their ‘primary state of being’.

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