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Sunday 8 November 2015

Stay off sex before marriage or go to hell – Egbe preaches

Stay off sex before marriage or go to hell – Egbe preaches

Banker turned movie producer and actress, Blessing Effiom Egbe, seems to always have something to share with her colleagues even though the thoughts don’t always go down well with them.

The former model who once took a swipe at actresses who sleep around to make ends meet has another word for single couples – stay off sex before marriage or go to hell. She passed out this message in a blackberry message sent to all her contacts.

“In church today and guess what is being preached. A topic most preachers run away from in order not to offend their congregations: adultery and fornication! Sex outside of marriage is sin” she said and added “ Ladies, stop provocative dressing, men are attracted to what they see.  For fornicators and adulterers will be judged”

She continued by educating married women to always submit to their husbands sexually and remain faithful. But trust your Potpourri to never take anything without really wringing it out.

“Would you honestly say you were a virgin before you got married”? I asked her.

“ I wasn’t a virgin but later I came to know the truth. And when I did, I stayed off sex before marriage and after. Then I was a born-again Christian by proxy. You know family values and all of that, but when I had the personal encounter, it changed everything” she replied. “If judgment had come when I was an adulterer, I would have been on the dark side. I am not forcing anyone. It is the truth that must be told” she added.

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