TONY NWOYE'S FRANTIC EFFORTS TO CONSOLIDATE FRAUD - Concerned Anambra APC Youths Press Statement - Welcome to Uju Ayalogu's Blog

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Thursday, 14 September 2017



Tony Nwoye

We are aware of Tony Nwoye's high traffic in both Orthodox and social media. We are not surprised by his present mendacity because he is really finding it difficult to import his well known PDP impunity into the APC.  

Therefore, he has resorted to building castles of lies and provocations and using the names of highly placed and respectable people as the foundation for this tragic adventure.

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He is unscrupulously using the names of decent people to enlarge the frontiers of fraud, which will never be allowed to stand in an idealist party as APC, where CHANGE from evil to good, is not just a mantra but a way of life.

We have noted the desperate efforts to drag the good names of influential people like His Excellency, Sen. Jim Nwobodo and Prince Donatus Okonkwo into his doomed project of consolidating fraud. We forbid ourselves to reduce the towering personalities of these great men to the obnoxious level of Nwoye's misadventures.  

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We call attention to the major reason behind this high media traffic. Initially, it was conceived to intimidate and blackmail members of the APC Appeal Committee. Now, that the Committee has submitted its report, Tony Nwoye's latest gimmick is to conjure every manner of falsehood against members of APC's National Working Committee, in the attempt to blackmail and manipulate them.

However, we enjoin all APC members in Anambra state to remain calm and hold no anger against any of the personalities touted by Nwoye's group in their sponsored publications.

The group is merely appending innocent names to their falsehood. We assure everyone that we are now in APC and in this great party, things are done differently, with recourse to Law and justice.    

It is shocking to find out that nothing is sacred to Tony Nwoye, not even accusing the NWC members of collecting 150 million Naira bribe. But we ask; who gave the bribe and who collected it? He won't give names because there are no names.

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The master fabricator is doing what he does best, which is fabricating falsehood with alarming speed. It is highly demeaning to malign the integrity of respectable men and women, just in the pursuit of vaulting ambitions.  

How far can Tony Nwoye go to consolidate an open fraud? How far would he go to tarnish the reputation of respectable people just because of ambition? Does he consider his ambition to govern Anambra state, by all means, more important than the integrity of APC and its members?.

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