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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Why we won’t support Buhari – Odumakin, Afenifere spokesman

Why we won’t support Buhari – Odumakin, Afenifere spokesman

Spokesman of pro-Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin, has said that the group is not going to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election because the president failed to deliver on his campaign promises.

Reacting to Buhari’s declaration to go for second term, Mr. Odumakin told VINCENT KALU that his group was going to support a party that will restructure the country on the path productivity, and give a fresh hope

You insisted that restructuring must take place before 2019 general election, but President Buhari has declared for second term, while restructuring was yet to take place, what is your reaction?

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We wanted the country to be restructured so that we can start on a fresh slate, the government that spent three years without carrying out restructuring, I doubt if it will do so before next year’s election. Therefore, in the next election, we are going to bring in a government that will restructure Nigeria on the path of productivity.

We need to try other hands in order to move the country forward and stop the killings going on across the country at the moment.

Buhari had in one of his bids to win presidential election, stated that he would only govern for one term, do you think his declaration for second term will cast doubt on his integrity?

Somebody said that politicians shake their heads in disbelief when people believe them. We are so tired of their rhetorics, and their words mean nothing, and they say anything in order to get votes. Now, he has shown the politician in him.  He has the right to seek re-election, likewise, Nigerians have the right to vote for him or reject him.

You mentioned you are going to support a party that will restructure and stop the killings across the country, but if Buhari wins, what will his second coming portend?

I spoke with a retired military officer from the North on the situation in the country, especially the killings, and he said, if what is going on continues in 2019, that Nigeria will disintegrate and I agree with his position.

If he comes back and turns a new leaf, will the people not accept him?

Does a leopard change its spots like that?

How do we move forward, he is the only one that has declared, and considering the incumbency factor, don’t you think that his re-election is settled?

He is the only one that has declared in APC, other people from other platforms are yet to declare. Let more people come on board so that Nigerians can decide and elect somebody who will stop all these killings going on, and reconstruct the country along the path of productivity; who can give the country a new hope, a new beginning. That is what we need now.

But the APC is beating its chest that Buhari has delivered on the three things he promised – Security, economy and corruption fight

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He has failed on the three fronts. The economy has been in shambles. It has worsened since he came to power. People are gnashing their teeth, many people turned to beggars, and poverty has increased.

In the area of security, he has also failed woefully. Human blood has become the cheapest thing in Nigeria, as the country has been turned to a killing field.

On corruption, there is no fight, it is persecution against opposition. The corruption list is shameful, and there is no difference between the APC and the PDP; they are one and two parties.

So, it is the list of the looting party of Nigeria, and so we should be talking about the third force that will come and reposition the country.

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