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Saturday 22 May 2021

Why Nigerians Love Music

Music is one of the most important things that Nigerians are known for across the world, there are numerous types of music in Nigeria both local and foreign music, there are thousands of music artists in Nigeria currently.

Why Nigerians Love Music


Nigerians are known for their creativity, aside from music there are numerous aspects like sports, art, drawing, speaking, and more.

More than one hundred pieces of music are created in Nigeria, these pieces of music are invented by individuals like Afro or Fuji, and some are originated from different tribes in Nigeria like Juju, Apala, and others.

Music Makes You Happier

Nigerians love music before it makes them happier, Nigerians get their happiness from music because numerous things can make you sad, only the true Nigerians can relate, especially the poor Nigerians.

So whenever they are sad they started playing music loud with their phone or portable Bluetooth speaker, sometimes with an earpiece or another related device.

Music Help Nigerians To Create Wealth For Themselves

Millions of Nigerians believe all music artists are millionaires even when they are not, but because the popular musicians always show off the latest and expensive car on social media and other expensive items like big mansions, expensive vacations, bags, clothes, and more.

Although, some of them are millionaires in United States dollars, why most of them are not.

This drives a lot of Nigerians into the music industry because they also want to make money just like them so that they can create wealth for themselves because there's no job or business opportunity in the country.

Music Nigerians To Relieves Depression

Millions of Nigerians are depressed even most of them don't know they are depressed, most of them are not happy but their condition is more than that. So whenever the music is on, they will be happy during that moment even if they will still be sad later, but when the music is on they will be happy and dance to the beat.

Music Help Nigerians To Improve Your Memory

I'm very sure you know about it, in case if you don't know, music helps to improve your memory, millions of Nigerians including I get inspiration while listening to the music they love.

Music Help Nigerians To Reduce Stress

It's no longer news that music helps to reduce stress, Nigerians are known for their hardworking spirit, they need good music to reduce their stress whenever they are tired.

Music Helps Nigerians To Concentrate

Nigerians use to play music when they are working it helps to concentrate better because the music will make them happier and they will be able to work better.

There is numerous music in Nigeria like Afro Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Nigerian Gospel, Fuji, Juju, Traditional Music, other which is majorly known as Naija Music, aside from musicians, there are numerous video directors that create an amazing Music video for music artists.

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