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Monday 28 June 2021

Unbelievable: Tree Felled By Wind Stands On Its Roots Again After 4 Days In Anambra

According to a report by Sun News, the family house of Mr Festus Okoye in Ezioka village, Isuofia, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, turned into a pilgrimage centre, where people from far and near, including spiritualists, troop in their numbers to see what many considered a wonder tree, which they said, stood up on its roots four days after it was felled by wind.

From Sunday, June 13, 2021, when the news hit the social media that the star apple tree in the family compound of Mr Okoye suddenly sprang up on its roots, the family members knew no peace, as people continued to visit both day and night; as they said it had never been heard that a tree got up on its roots after it was felled.

It was said that the star apple tree in the family compound fell from its root on Thursday, June 10, 2021, during a downpour, which was accompanied by windstorm.

According to sources, four days after the tree was felled; precisely on that fateful Sunday, Mr Okoye engaged one Ekene Okeke to cut the branches and the trunk of the said tree into pieces, so that when they dried, they would be used as firewood.

It was said that in the process of cutting the branches and the trunk, the tree suddenly sprang up, and stood on its former position; a development they said, made everybody around to run helter skelter.

When Sunday Sun visited the community, the owner of the compound, Mr Okeke, was said to have travelled out of town; but one woman found in the compound, who gave her name as Juliana, confirmed the development.

While showing our reporter round the scene of the incident, she said: “Look at the star apple tree here. It fell down; so, our oga engaged one Ekene Okeke to cut the branches and the trunk with his cutting machine. Ekene cut off almost all the branches, and in the process of cutting the trunk, the tree sprang up and stood as it were before. When this happened, Ekene dropped his cutting machine and ran away. It was four days later that he came back to collect his cutting machine. Some people that accompanied him made a video clip and circulated on the social media. That was what drew a lot of visitors to this compound. See the cut off branches; see the pieces cut off from the trunk.

“A lot of people came here because of this development. Many pastors came. While leaving, some of them collected sand from the position the tree is standing. Some of them collected sticks and dried leaves of the tree. There was one pastor, who said he came from Calabar. Two Catholic priests came from Abuja to see the tree themselves. There was a native doctor that came here with his full regalia; he said that he came from one community in Delta State; but our oga did not allow him into this compound. As you can see, our gate is locked for the past five days; because, we’re already tired of entertaining visitors.”

When Sunday Sun contacted the traditional ruler of the town, Igwe Col. Alloysius Muoghalu (Rtd), he also confirmed the development, and described it as a wonder that has never happened before in the community throughout its history.

“My brother, this is what we saw recently in our town. Since the video of the incident saturated the online platforms, people had continued to call from different parts of the world, asking me questions; but I only confirmed the development without further explanation,” he said.

When asked the spiritual implication of the development, he said: “I’m not a native doctor or a spiritualist to be able to explain the spiritual implication.”

The President General of Isuofia Peoples Union Federated, Jude Chika Okeke, had different view and explanation to the development.

When contacted, he said that what happened was physical, and had no spiritual implication.  

According to him, “the incident happened close to my house. I am from Ezioka village, and I know the compound where it happened. The tree fell down from its roots. We’ve checked very well, and found out it had no spiritual connotation. I believe it was pulled down by the heavy weight of its branches. So, when the branches and part of its trunk were cut off, some of the roots, which remained firm on the ground, were able to pull the trunk back in place, as it was before.”

When asked to explain the scientific or natural process that made it possible, he said, “I am not a scientist to do so.”

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